We're back for 2015! After a hectic yet relaxing break durng the festive period, it's great to bring you Avstev news again from around the globe. To kick off, a great interview with Raymond Weil CEO, Elie Bernheim. Carrying on the legacy left by his Grandfather is no mean feat, yet his plans for 2015 onwards are very exciting:

Raymond Weil CEO, Elie Bernheim

We have a very clear positioning in the price range between 750 and 3,000 Swiss francs and this is where we are strong and the customer knows where we are. This is what I aim to strengthen, in a segment where we are among the top three brands in certain countries. One of the most notable differences that I hope you will see in the future is that we will concentrate on markets where we are strong and where the brand has genuine potential for development.


World Tempus: Raymond Weil - Interview with Elie Bernheim