Left to right: Avstev CEO Steven Rom, Avstev Brand Manager Michelle Zaloudek, Frederique Constant  founder Peter Stas Avstev Group CEO Steven Rom was delighted to be able to attend the 3rd Annual Mazzucchelli's Conference in Hong Kong recently. As part of the event, Frederique Constant founder and Managing Director Peter Stas presented an exclusive display of Manufacture pieces to the top performing sales professionals from Mazzucchelli's jewellers.

2014 marks 10 years since the Heart Beat Manufacture Calibre, and attendees were privileged to hear first hand how the brand has progressed in the past decade to become so highly respected within the industry.

Following the success of the launch of the first Heart Beat Manufacture Calibre in 2004, Frederique Constant has presented regularly an additional version to its Heart Beat Manufacture range. The main feature remained constant, the signature and patented aperture, perfectly centred at the 6 o’clock position. Each year, new design features have been added; the Heart Beat has been constantly revised, updated and technically advanced.

Mazzucchelli's team experience the new Frederique Constant models for 2014.

Mazzucchelli's, part of The Jewellery Group, have been serving Australian's with their jewellery and watch needs since 1903 and currently have stores in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Canberra.

By all accounts, it was a memorable event enjoyed by all!