Over at Time+Tide, resident photographer Kristian Dowling had the great pleasure of spending some quality time at Monards new showroom at Crown Casino in Melbourne. While there he took the opportunity to photograph the rare and elusive Girard-Perregaux 1945 Jackpot Tourbillon; the only one of its kind in Australia. Photo courtesy of Time+Tide.

Andrew Mcutchen writes:

Time+Tide photographer Kristian Dowling met his match recently when he was pitted against the Girard-Perregaux 1945 Jackpot Tourbillon in a thrilling photographic duel. The timepiece presents all kinds of complexities to shoot. It is the last Jackpot piece produced by the manufacture and retails for $903,00AUD. We spoke to KD after the intensive man vs metal experience. 

For this exceptional watch, destined to be worn on the wrists of a privileged few, the concentration on detail involved an intricate choice of the symbols. These are reproductions of those found in the first mechanical slot machine, the famous “Liberty Bell”, invented at the end of the 19th century and so named with reference to the independence of the United States of America. On the gold reels, hollowed out and then delicately lacquered, the suits of spades, hearts, diamonds, horseshoes and the famous bells, appear at random.

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