Of course, the main criterion for buying a watch is its appealing look. The watch needs to fit to its owner in color, style and functionality and needs to underline his appearance. But there is something more important than the outside look. Its what’s inside that really matters. Naturally on the first sight you only see the outside and how beautifully the movement is wrapped. But looks get old, personality stays.

The movement is the personality of the watch. It defines the character, the functionalities and last but not least, also the outside. Without the inside there would be no outside, without a movement no watch. So what is there behind the dial?


When you open one of the beautiful Frederique Constant Manufacture watches you will find an incredible personality behind the dial. A finely decorated in-house developed, in-house produced and in-house assembled movement that strikes with accuracy and beauty. The movement is designed by our designer in the Geneva manufacture, the parts produced by our own machines and the watch then assembled by one of our passionate watchmakers. One movement is completely assembled by one watchmaker who puts all his passion and love into the watch.

When the company was founded in 1988 there was a clear mission: Let more people enjoy luxury. For us it is a luxury that we have our own movements, own production and own passionate watchmakers. With every watch we are giving you a piece of this luxury and we hope that you like its personality as much as its appearance.



Originally published on the Frederique Constant Blog